Personal Matchmaking for the Elite

*Elite Members  *Business Owner, Entrepreneurs 

*Go on Dates with those who meet your criteria *Follow Up Service *Professional,

Through this process the first relationship you will enter is with us. We tell our clients to think of us as well-connected friends who can introduce them to other like-minded successful well to do compatible singles.

We begin by having you complete a detailed form which helps us to form that initial understanding of you and if you are a right fit for our platform. From here we will invite you for a quick video chat, where we will dig a little deeper. We will look to get to know you on a more personal level, where we will gauge an understanding of your past relationships, what your looking for, what you personally feel will work for you and give you an understanding of what our expectations also are of our clients. (Alternative content - Whilst filling out the application, an additional part of the process is where we ask you a few scripted questions in which we would like for you to answer through video, which we will then request you either upload or send to a Whatsapp number).

We have a stringent process, but this is to ensure we have the right candidates for our platform which will ensure our members have a good experience and get what they are paying for. (Application form will require us to be accepted as friends to your social media, we will ask for income evidence, citizenship evidence - May be in the content or in the application)

If we both find each other to be the right fit for each other then we will process your membership and the real journey will begin.

From here, we will handpick potential matches based on the criteria you have put forth and also based on our findings of you and of our other members. We will set you up on your first date, it will be an exciting process and it will be interactive.

Depending on the location it will either be in person or over a video call initially. From there, we will seek feedback from the both of you to see how everything went and if you want to continue getting to know each other.

We will notify you both if yes and will leave it to you to arrange a second date, while we will continue to keep in contact to see how you both are progressing. If either of you did not want to see the other again, we will look to see why and then look to provide some feedback/coaching to help prepare you for your second date that we setup and so on.

We will notify both parties of the outcome of the date for if the other would like to take thing's further, if by chance the other person does not, we will provide feedback