Terms of Use Policy:

By using this website or any service offered by Elite Rishtas, you confirm that you have read the following Terms and agree to such Terms. 
Elite Rishtas provides its Members with chances to interact with other singles through online, offline events and also through its personalized matchmaking platform. We do not however guarantee that you will find your match through the use of our services.  While we do screen members for suitability, we cannot make any guarantees or representations of any of our members as far as suitability or overall character. 

Event Registration

You can access our events only by first registering through our website. Each event has its own application form. When selecting an event that you’d like to attend you must first fill out the registration application that corresponds with that particular event. You may only attend an event if you are invited and after you have paid the event fee. 
You must be over 18 years of age and legally single in order to attend any Elite Rishtas event. You agree not to mislead any Elite Rishtas representative in regard to your relationship and/or marital status. Should you mislead us, your membership privileges will immediately be terminated and no refund (if this is applicable) will be given. 
We subsequently reserve the right to approve or reject your application to any event without having to give a reason. We will most likely conduct pre-event interview by phone, email or any other such form of communication and/or screening process as we see appropriate. By filling out the forms on our site, you are consenting to receive these communications as well as any additional information that Elite Rishtas might send to you.


You agree to behave responsibly at all Elite Rishtas events. You also agree to abide by our dress code (smart casual), and you agree that under no circumstances are you to bring or provide your own alcohol at our events. 

We are not responsible for any incidents which may arise at any of our events as a result of the behavior of the participants or any other attendees. 

By registering for an Elite Rishtas event, you agree that we are not responsible for any physical injury or harm that might come to someone at any of our activities. 

Charges for all Elite Rishtas Events are non-transferrable and non-refundable, unless we see fit for whatever reason to provide a refund—but this is solely at our discretion. 

You agree to actively participate in all our planned activities, even if participation requires you to interact with people you may not want to. You agree to be courteous and respectful to all attendees. Failure to do so may result in an Elite Rishtas representative asking you to leave the event and cause termination of your membership or attendance of future events.

Member Communications

We are not responsible for anything that may transpire between two event members—whether at an interactive event or date through our personalized matchmaking service. We are also not not responsible to members who decide to disclose personal information either online or off.
Upon signing up for and attending an event, you agree that:

  • You will use your discretion when sharing personal information. 
  • You will use your discretion and judgement as far as the character and suitability of other attendees. 
  • You will always act in a lawful and responsible manner. 
  • You will not speak in such a way or post content that is obscene, hurtful, or slanderous either online or at any event you attend.
  • You will adhere to all required dress code standards.
  • You will be courteous and respectful to all other members
  • You will actively participate in all activities with all members

Personalized Matchmaking

Membership of the personalized matchmaking platform for Elite Rishtas is subject to certain eligibility criteria. These criteria are established to maintain the quality and compatibility of members but are not explicitly detailed in our terms and conditions.

The purpose of our eligibility criteria is in place to ensure a high-quality dating experience for all our members and to match individuals based on compatibility.

  • Elite Rishtas has been designed to help those from the South Asian community connect with others from the South Asian community, but does not discriminate on the basis of color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other protected category as per applicable law
  • Discretionary Membership Approval: Membership approval is at the sole discretion of Elite Rishtas and our determination. We reserve the right to approve or reject any application without providing specific reasons.
  • We may request additional information or conduct background checks to verify the eligibility of applicants.
  • We may refuse an application because we don’t have sufficient people based on the criteria you have put forth in your application.
  • Appeal and Review Process: If we do reject an application and you believe you are well suited to our platform, we do encourage you to appeal a rejection process by emailing support@eliterishtas.com 
  • Verification Process: We may request additional information or conduct background checks to verify the eligibility of applicants
  • Terms of service Updates: The terms and conditions may be updated or modified at any time and it is the responsibility of the member to review them periodically

Termination of Membership

We reserve the right to terminate your membership/event participation at any time, especially given the following:

  • If you provide misleading information on your registration form.
  • If we discover you are married or otherwise in a committed relationship. 
  • If you refuse to answer the interview questions required prior to attending an event.
  • If you engage in any activity that violates any portion of these terms of use. 
  • If you are disrespectful in any way to any of our members

After having paid for an event, you may decide not to attend. We are not responsible for refunding your event fee in light of any such decision or absence. If you cannot attend, you must inform us immediately, as space is limited and we want to ensure maximum attendance at events. 

Privacy Policy

We diligently protect the privacy of all Elite Rishtas members. Any information we get from you is strictly for evaluative purposes and will never be given out or sold for any purpose. We keep 100% of your information private. 

*We reserve the right to change or amend these Terms at our discretion. Upon making any such changes, we will promptly notify you. Any and all changes will be considered part of the overall Terms as hereby laid out.